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Originally Posted by scoobwr1 View Post
I was told by my tuner that to get 400/400 on my MR tht I woul need a different turbo. Carl

The whole 400/400 debate (what's a "real" 400 bhp, are stock turbos capable of flowing a "real" 400 bhp, etc) will never be resolved, that's why I focused on stage 1 tuning rather than specific power levels.

Most people consider around 310 bhp measured at the wheels on a dyno dynamics rolling road to equate to 400 bhp at the flywheel. The stock VIII MR turbo is capable of flowing enough air to achieve this.

The whole torque side of things is another story, but again if the mapping is right, 400 Ftlbs is achievable on the VIII MR turbo as measured on a dyno dynamics rolling road.

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