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You are correct in that Evo 7's supplied by Ralliart UK have a warranty that is not affected by tuning mods done by ourselves.

Maybe I should try to clarify the warranty/tuning/track day issues that everyone passes backward and forward - so here goes!

With Evo VI's the warranty is, as you all know, administered by CCC. Ralliart UK have no voice in what gets replaced and whether warranties are considered voided through mods/motorsport/time outs etc.

All warranties, manufacturers or insurance based, work on the principal of a sum of money being set aside to cover warranty claims. How much to allocate is based on the best guess at the average cost for the warranty duration.

Originally, CCC were prepared to accept the Stage 1 kit provided it was fitted by ourselves or one of their dealers. At some point, this concession was withdrawn leading to the do floor mats invalidate my warranty scenario.

Ralliart UK's position was, and still is, that Stage 1 has not been the cause of any engine failures and in fact the work probably leads to longer engine life as a result of the bottom end work that is carried out.

The problem is that the nature of the cars and their owners (me included!), is that you soon get used to the additional power and the hunt starts for a bit more. By this time, most of the engine and transmission's safety margin has been used up and to achieve reliability, the costs escalate. To get more power, however, is easy - ramp up the boost!

We have seen cars running 2-bar boost with crude home mods - on standard pistons and standard fuelling!

Track days and motorsport have similar repercussions - cars are driven far harder on track days and again, we often see brake calipers turned almost black with sustained heat. We know that a standard clutch can run 30-40,000 miles but warranty replacements at 7,000 miles?

If CCC's experience is anything like ours, I am not surprised that they took this step.

In buying an Evo we all bought cars that look like Tommi's WRC car but if you drive it like him for 10,000 miles, don't expect CCC - or anyone else to pick up the bill!

So, rant over, what should the genuine, no track days, no mods owners do if their discs warp. I guess that honestly, you should budget for discs and pads every 15,000 miles or so - both are wearing items and have to be replaced, even on Vectras. If, however, you are on your third set in 6,000 miles then speak to CCC as I believe that this is what your warranty is there to cover.

The warranty on Ralliart UK Evo 7's is an attempt to be reasonable to both parties. We want to ensure that the customer has a good Ralliart experience but we are not about to pay for everyones motorsport.

Does that seem fair?
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