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Michael K
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Re:Ralliart UK Reply

Ralliart weren't to friendly to me either when I asked about buying a 6 GSR from them. The lady on the phone was arrogant and unfriendly to say the least and when I asked whether there was any possibility to get a discount of the then list price of 31k all she said was that there is no way. So I went and bought a grey import and tuned it with the money I had left over (and a little bit more). Anyway, if anyone wants to seriously tune the car there's not much point in getting a Ralliart car with warranty, cause it won't cover anything as soon as you overstep their limit (stage 1, what a name), which I've done. In retrospect I'm very happy that I got a grey, cause the price difference transformed into tuning has given me a lot more joy than a standard Evo.
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