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Zinc plating kit arrived this week so thought I would have a bash. Great fun and I am really pleased with the results. Thanks to Dave-cee for chatting to me about his setup.

Basic process involves-

A really good clean of the item
Soak overnight in Bilt Hammer Deo-x to remove rust
Soak for 30mins plus in hot de-greaser in an old slow cooker
Acid pickle dip
Plate c30mins
Nitric acid dip
Blue passivator dip
Dry with a hairdryer
Hang over radiator to dry of a couple of hours

Kit setup took a couple of hours to set up but it was quiet easy when you get into a rhythm.

20171021_090148 by Nicholas Greenwood, on Flickr

20171021_120256 by Nicholas Greenwood, on Flickr

Anti roll bar brackets

1508668526428 by Nicholas Greenwood, on Flickr

Brake caliper spings

1508691286454 by Nicholas Greenwood, on Flickr

Various nuts and bolts

1508691221583 by Nicholas Greenwood, on Flickr

Not too bad for a weekends work. Loads still to do though!

20171022_175703 by Nicholas Greenwood, on Flickr
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