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Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII MR FQ340

Hi, I believe it's time to sell my Evo VIII MR FQ340. This car is my absolute pride and joy and has been for nearly 9 years and was always my dream car.

Genuine UK MR model no.210.

The car is in immaculate condition inside and out, nothing I like more than pulling it into the garage to give it a good detail.
The car is gunmetal grey with standard gloss black alloys.

The car has been remapped by Matt at MG Auto Motorsport. It has adjustable boost from standard power to 380bhp this includes Milltek 3" downpipe and decat, 3 port boost solenoid and Walbro 255 fuel pump. Original HKS downpipe and factory cat included. I wasn't going to mess around with the standard power, but like anything you get use to it and want more.

I like the standard look of the MR, however, it has the genuine FQ400 Ralliart carbon fibre electric wing mirrors but I have the original mirrors if you request them. It has the genuine Mitsubishi carbon fibre vortex generator with the rubber strip on the roof. I have changed the standard front lip to the FQ400 carbon fibre splitter, but still have the original if you request it when buying.

I have had the boot lid resprayed due to the known Evo fault of rusting under the spoiler, so the potential new owner doesn't have to worry about it. This includes replacing all boot badges with genuine Mitsubishi parts, this included tracking down the very rare black FQ340 badge.

Refurbished standard alloys in gloss black with Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres all round.
Bright red refurbished Brembo calipers as I hate to see pink brakes.
Upgraded Hell red brake lines all round, but I have the originals if you would like them.
Replacement front Bilsten suspension.
Vented, grooved and drilled front discs with squeel shims on the calipers.
3" Milltek exhaust with 5" tip. This comes with a lifetime warranty, as fitted by MG Auto.
Undersealed by MG Auto.
Replacement rear toe arms.
Front wheel bearings replaced within the last 2 months.
AYC fully working as pump was refurbished by Harry Hockley. The AYC sticker is in perfect condition on the drivers door.
Replacement Helix clutch and flywheel by MG Auto.

The engine is the only real part I have changed from the standard look. This includes HKS reloaded induction kit with red filter. Original airbox included in sale.
Genuine HKS oil cap. Original cap included with sale.
Genuine Ralliart radiator cap. Original cap included in sale.
Red Samco top and bottom coolant hoses.
Tegiwa red anodized battery tie.
Spec R suspension top mount caps.
Tegiwa carbon fibre slam panel.
Red anodized radiator brackets.
Tegiwa full engine bay red anodized replacement nut, bolts, and washer kit.
Replacement genuine Mitsubishi plug cover as I hated the sliver coming off, so had to replace it. I have the old one if you want it.
I have had it Terracleaned by MG Auto.
Hydraulic lifters replaced.
Lambda sensor replaced by MG Auto, which included keeping the turbo shield on as I like everything to be as it should be.
Front wiper arms replaced with genuine ones from Rossport.

The interior is in excellent condition with all the MR refinements. The air con is icy cold and working as it should be.
Original Ralliart floor mats.
Evo IX centre console boost, oil temp, and voltage gauges.
Sony stereo with box and remote.
Upgraded front and rear speakers.

In 2016 the passenger air bag was replaced under warranty.
The engine has had a flush to keep it running at its best.

I have owned the car for nearly 9 years, I bought it with 59,000 miles on the clock, and now has 91,800 with full service history every 6 months as you can see from the service book photos.
It was first serviced by previous owners at Mitsubishi, since my ownership it has had 3 services at Mitsubishi then by Xtreme UK for 3 services. Then i discovered the guys at MG Autosport and have been going to them for everything ever since 2014.
Service book is fully stamped and up to date which has just included its second 45K service under my ownership. All services come with all receipts and paperwork.

I have a folder full of paperwork and receipts with everything in my ownership and previous owners. This includes the original sale receipt from Mitsubishi to the first owner and every tax disc.

The car will come with 2 sets of keys with factory fitted Cobra alarm.
It originally came with built in Trafficmaster and parrot kit, but I've had these taken out as I didn't use them, but are included in the sale.

The car wants for nothing and is running perfectly and never fails to put a smile on your face when driving it.

The car has become well known to MG Auto's for its immaculate condition and my OCD love for it. MG Auto's have said you are more than welcome to call them to discuss the car and to take it there for the potential buyer to have an inspection.

I have loved this car for nearly 9 years, but I feel it's time for a change. This truly is an immaculate condition MR only going to increase in value becoming a collectors item. The car has been kept in a garage and only driven mainly at weekends.

Please only people with genuine interest and open to offers on price.
Please give me a ring if you require any more info or to arrange a viewing. I really think this car needs to be viewed for it to be really appreciated for how immaculate it is.

Location is Leicester.

Looking for around 18,999.

I'm not sure how to add photos , if anyone can advise how to do so that would great. If not contact me and I have lots of photos to send you or the ad and photos can be viewed on Piston Heads.

Thanks Sam
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