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Hi there guys I'm new to the site and would like a bit of clarification on a few things. I am looking to purchase my first evo fairly soon. However I am in a predicament of what to go for...

I have been offered a evo vii rs2 which has really struck me because it's white (love white cars). This said, I have done research and have found a few different observations of them. Some people are saying rs is rs2 and some people are saying they are different cars. Along with this the differences are that I have found the AYC isn't on the rs2? Another thing I have read is that the rs2 should have a 17 digit vin number. Not only does the one I have been offered have AYC but again, the one I have been offered is only 11 digits.

These differences are worrying me slightly. Any help would be appreciated.

Would I be better off getting the rs2 vii running about 400bhp or a standard fq300 evo viii?

Thanks in advance
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