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Originally Posted by SupraGaz View Post
Preordered from shopto when it was 28.95 Like 3 years ago
Not going to cancel now or I'll have full whack to pay if I bought it elsewhere.
Had the email to say they were honouring the pre order price as I think its around 33 now.
Jammy sh*t! Nice one though. I did the same with the wee keypad that attaches to the PS3 controller and got it for 10.

Originally Posted by Gavvyd View Post
At least this might take your mind of MW2 Mike?

November is going to be a busy month...

GT5 (allegedly, but I will only believe it when it is in my hand) Assasins Creed Brotherhood, Black Ops...All pre-ordered

My missus isn't going to see me

My mind is well off MW2 Gav. Pile of crap that it is.

Originally Posted by miller_63 View Post
me thinks i need a PS3 and pronto...
Like, yeah! What are you waiting for?

And I firmly believe that this will be released this time. Sony have (apparently) stated categorically that Polyphony Digital are not allowed to let this slip this time. And it will be worth the hype. There's only going to be 1000 cars on the game. All the motors from the previous GTs will be there. So we can all race in our own cars. Maybe then, I'll be able to get mine going at least.
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