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A little progress

The cold and the rain kept progress slow yesterday, but a couple of things got a bit of attention.

The Carrozzerio is out leaving a hole in the dash to fill with a new stereo:

A bit of compound polishing by hand on part of the roof shows that there is a bit of life in the paintwork yet.


During - work in progress:

I'm unsure whether I pay somebody to machine polish it or invest in a machine polisher myself.

I'm open to advice on which and advice on a *cheap* polishing kit if the DIY option is the one to go for???

I also discovered that the RAYS gam lights are 17 x 8.5" - wider than I originally thought:

Shame that the only bit of caliper paint that was spilled happened to be on one of the original RAYS stickers...

The rubbish front mudflaps are coming off when I get the wheel off to do the brembo logo on the caliper:

Where the M3 is sitting is where I'm tentatively planning on building a car port...

A bit more to come...
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