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Originally Posted by oliverash View Post
Had the same turbo on mine and I too blew the seals on a hot day coming back from JapShow. Temps went up real quick but by the it was already too late. I remember a good saying regarding the accuracy and reliability of the temp gauge.
Cold = engine off
Half way = engine running
Hot = engine f*****

Mine got broken into for all the stereo gear which was hitting as designed and installed it all myself and the rx7 boot is not an easy one to fit two subs in!
Yeah I had an Apexi PFC and I was super careful about watching the intake temps in the summer. But on that day it was a friend's funeral (died at 19 of cancer). He was a petrolhead, there was a big convoy of us following the hearse before a stretch of motorway. I'd promised to be the first one at the crematorium, after trailing the hearse at 2 mph for a couple of miles, soon as we hit the motorway I nailed it and immediately had the red light of doom flashing on the dash, just ignored it, head was in the wrong place..

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Most TME owners have never driven an evo, including their own.
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