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Originally Posted by youngsyr View Post
With all those mods fitted and set up properly, plus the remap I would think you should be around 380 - 400 bhp anyway, with torque perhaps a bit lower depending on the mapping.

It'll cost you around 500 to upgrade the cams and then you'll need another remap to push you over the 400 bhp level and get the torque up. I don't think you need a turbo upgrade, but others might disagree.

All that considered, is it worth 500 - 1,000 to get that additional 10 - 20 bhp and a bit more torque?

Obviously it depends what you want from your car and your circumstances, but if it were me, I'd either leave it as is or spend a couple of grand, do the rods and turbo at the same time and aim for 450 bhp +. At least that way you'll notice the difference for your money.
Actually that does make more sense, only thing is I think 450bhp is enough for the road,anymore would be a waste. Any ideas on turbo and cams.carl
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