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Originally Posted by M3 ROB View Post
Any vehicle that is imported from Japan that has had any panel or paint repaired will be an R grade

I have seen lots of auction sheets with replaced panels that are not grade R so that is not true.

Grade R can be very good value for money and as good as a 3 or 3.5 - yes, I agree. It can also be a lot worse. Inspection is a must.

However, resale values will be lower and you may even struggle to re-sell it; I was speaking to a life long friend last week and his son bought an import from a company without auction check. Two years on looking to buy a house he then tried to sell the car on. As is the case quite often you are better off letting these cars go back to a specialist. The deal is all set up but the next specialist then Jap HPI's it, finds out its a grade R and wants nothing to do with it. Lads now stuck with car and doesn't want to sell it private without telling any potential owner its a grade R - which may or may not put them off or stop them from buying. So tread carefully!
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