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Originally Posted by stu8 View Post
Reading the American forums and trader info online when I got the sst, Im sure I read the clutches are constantly learning, using as little pressure needed to ensure no slip
It certainly does try to self adjust for clutch wear over time, however whether it simply estimates this based on time/shifts or uses actual feedback from the slip sensors I'm not sure. What we can definitely say is that whatever the mechanism is it doesn't do as good a job as the teach-in process.

Ultimately the pressure to keep the clutch plates engaged saps power from the engine so from a performance/efficiency perspective the goal is provide just enough pressure to keep the clutch engaged and no more. This is why when the seals start leaking the SST starts playing up (slip, rev flare etc) as the various coefficients (clutch wear, temperature, torque etc) it uses to calculate the required pressure give a result for the expected conditions and can't accommodate the pressure leaking out.
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