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Mining crypto at home

Just thought I'd stick up a thread to see if anyone on here has an interest in mining crypto / dabbles in it all / would like to share your experience in the subject.

Here's my crypto journey so far...

At the start of the year I started a project to build a new PC for general purpose use, a bit of 3D CAD and gaming. At the time I was building bitcoin had just finished hitting an all time high of over 19,000 USD and there was a GPU shortage (and still is to some extent). Around mid Feb I had built the PC and had it up and running. Having had a dabble in building a decent spec PC - the crypto gold rush did not escape the attention of many including myself. A month or so later I thought I'd have a dabble.

First the gaming rig grew - in went a bigger PSU and another 1080 Ti.

Next was the hunt for parts for a mining rig - more of the same with 5 x 1080 Ti and a 1080 (planning to swap this out for another 1080 Ti when I can). I have been running this for a few months now.

I've recently finished (well nearly) a 6 x 1070 Ti rig although I only have 5 running as of today as I'm waiting for a M.2 adapter for the 6th one.

I'm running everything at 60% power - here's my progress to date:

I'm thinking about getting 1 more rig and then calling it a day although I'm in no rush for it an might wait out for the 1180 GPU's. I hope the price of BTC picks up in the meantime as it's a bit rough right now at $6,400 USD. In it for the long haul and I don't plan on selling for a bit.

Something that's been holding an interest for me - any one else?
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