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Originally Posted by rjwkerkhof View Post
The not able to write problem and stopping at 43% is due to the wrong Memmodel the stock XML for the RS rom has the FA model defined where you need to have the F model defined. That is a quick fix. I also have had issues where I modified my stock RS rom, flashed it to the ECU and wont start. When I took the Ceddyrom it worked straight away.

Can someone shine a light on this issue, why would a adjusted stock downloaded ROM be able to flash to the ecu but afterwards the car won't start?
So to give some closure on this for anyone else who has something similar. A big thank you to rjkerkhof for this,

in the end the Condenser fan not working was due to the EVO5 rom being used, once the EVO 6 rom was flashed back the AC worked again.
In relation to the rom making the car not start, I had to edit the XML file in my EVOSCAN folder with an XML editor and remove the A from the FA in the rom data line.
Once I done that the car started fine and the AC worked.

Hopefully this helps someone else.
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