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Hi Grant

Yeah it was me you spoke to earlier Thanks for the info. Have it booked back in for wednesday 13th.

At the moment its registering at 1.24 bar and the duty is set to 54. So if we turn the gain back to 0 and increase the duty until we reach 1.6 bar (is there any limit on the duty we really shouldnt go over or will it easily reach 1.6 before we get to 100)? and then test it on the dyno raising the gain until we get a nice power band through the revs. What overboost settings would you recommend - is it standard to have about 20 above the registered pressure ie 1.6 bar with 1.8 overboost?)

Thanks for your knowledge and experience. I will get back in contact after it has been set up again and let you know the results.


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