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Originally posted by KNOXVILLE
Came across a red Accord type-r driven by some loon on the way home
That was bizarre.... Imagine the conversation in my car....

Me: 'Anyway, yesterday was good fun. Kev was telling me about a fun time he had whilst mapping his car with Mark........ etc etc.... and Nick now does most of his mapping at night'

Su: 'Nick..... Have I met him before?'

Me: 'Yes, you met him at Donnington before'

Su: 'What does he look like?'

Me: 'Oh look in front, an Evo, let's see who it is.....'

Pulls alongside and there is the aforementioned Nick sitting in the back seat.....

Me: 'That's what he looks like there'


BTW, I also caught G11DOM just before the M62 junction off the M6. He was also a bit unaware about the undertaking Accord

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