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Budget versus real life conditions


Been lurking for about 6 months and finally got enough to buy the car I wanted when I was a teenager - an evo 5/6.

Iíd love to get some feedback from you esteemed forum heads before I commit so here are a few points which I havenít found satisfactory answers to.

Is it advisable to pay a bit more on a car with the common mods done up front, but done in the past, or is it better to get something more stock and pay more to have the mods done afterwards? Just exhaust, intake, blow off, suspension.

I donít have a garage so is it stupid to spend 13 grand on a older car that will sit under the elements and possibly rapidly reduce in value while I own it?

Is it better value to get a fresh import from the likes of SVA or Japcars or to wait for the right priced car to appear on the forum listings? (The forum cars do seem to be better looked after but also a bit past my budget on average and Iíve already gone from ~10 to ~13 and canít scrape any more together up front).

Do I need boost gauge and oil temp etc or is it just to make the cars look more race? Do people actually drive with an eye on the gauges when on beginner track days?

If I repaint alloys white does that make them less desirable on resale if theyíre not original colour?

Has anyone got a price for recovering worn seats?

The car will be for weekends / occasional track days rather than every day family use.

Iím sure these have all been answered individually but I havenít found answers yet.

Thanks for the help!
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