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2018 update. After 2017, it became apparent that I needed to get a lower intercooler pipe custom fabricated and clamped to the j pipe and intercooler to prevent the pipe blowing off under extended hard driving on track. I also needed to address breathing, so the valve cover got replaced with an aluminium one and AN-10 fittings welded on. The OEM design of the PCV system has been retained with a custom fabricated, two oil catch can set up on the "on boost" side, with the "under vacuum" side recirculating to the intake manifold as standard, but using AN-10 line and a Redhorse Performance AN-10 check valve. Due to the immense vacuum leak that AN-10 lines create when plumbed all the way back to the air filter (so the turbo provides a venturi effect to suck the pressure out the crank case on boost), there is also a Redhorse Performance AN-10 check valve on this line that runs through the cans too. There's a lot of threads on oil catch/breather systems and my take on it is this. It's a road going car, used on track. It's not a full-time race car, so sticking with mitsi's design is probably best. We've just made it bigger and better. The fuel pump has also been upgraded to 400 litres/hour and a radium fuel rail, radium damper, fuel lab pressure regulator and syvecs fuel pressure sensor installed and wired into the syvecs s6 ecu. The calibration has been re-done from scratch, making a lively 535 BHP and more torque too, although I don't have the numbers just yet. I should have it back this coming week, when it'll get a new set of APR wing mirrors at which point it's ready for it's 3rd annual pilrimage to the Nurburgring and Spa.

Here's a pic of it having a little drink between map tweaks on the road yesterday, and one of some of the engine bay adornments (fuel damper not shown)

Thanks to MG Auto Motorsport, JR Fabrications, SCR and Syvecs for their shared passion and meticulous attention to every detail. It's a build that everyone can be proud of, not just me the owner.


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