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Originally Posted by ondafly View Post
Hi All,

Currently don't own an Evo - but I'm waiting very patiently for a white Evo V to appear on the Japanese auctions. Trigger waiting to be pulled !

I suspect I will be waiting awhile though as it would appear they are not a common car anymore.

Current daily driver is a RRS and Mk7 GTI. The Evo V will be driven once a week but honestly looking forward to working on an old JDM legend again.

Past cars have been (in no particular order) : WRX, E36M3, E46M3, Boxster, Integra(s), Mk5 GTI and others I can't remember.

Anyway Hello all !
I'm new to the forum myself not to far away in N.ireland,I have a ix but love the evo v, were you down at the Irish Motor Festival on Sunday?
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