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Originally Posted by strange_days_uk View Post
lots of good questions.

where are you based? I think you would benefit hugely from a visit to a forum member with a similar evo, and some experience. Go for a drive, have a look around, be educated about what you're looking at, and learn from their experience.
I'm based south london, there doesn't seem to be many owners around here, although I saw one Red TME parked on the road next door. It would be hugely beneficial if anyone around here is reading this!

Originally Posted by strange_days_uk View Post

I would personally advise to get one with the mods done, just make sure they have been done well and not skimped, also perhaps with a modded car get the engine compression tested and leakdown tested before buying, and pay particular attention to the condition of the turbo also.
This is what I'm leaning towards. There's a modded one at SVA imports in Dover at the moment, so as soon as I can get my mechanic to come look at it and check for rust, I'll be taking it for a test drive.

Thanks for the good advice!
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