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Originally Posted by jamie_v1 View Post
Can u please tell me the what is the diffrence between u compressing piston rings and instaling the pistons in the block then torquing the big end caps up to anybody else that builds engines for a living?
Im not saying that you did something wrong with the install,for sure not,as i have not seen the pistons/parts..........that are broken...

I just said that i had one failure on around 30 conversions,and this was one of two set i have not installed myself,as it was a mailorder job.
Im sure the guy who put it in didnīt assemble the pin security rings correct,as it happend after about 1000km from install.

All conversions done by me are working fine,so there "could" be the problem in the normaly the pistonpin doesnīt get too much pressure to throw the security rings out,when they are installed correctly.
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