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Never looked at detail with the Alfa in truth so cannot offer a fair comparison as many above.

That being said I can comment on the M2C.

Daily driving in eco mode is perfect for town driving, everything seems so relaxed from engine tone, gear changes (I have the DCT) and the ride isn’t as firm as let’s say a VI with 15 year old tein suspension.

On the more spirited days, everything in sport or sport+ and supports in MDM or off the car comes alive. Pin point handling, brakes are very good (I have the upgraded brakes) and it’s pretty damn responsive.


- The exhaust note with the OPF’s are poor. Even in sport+ mode it’s not what you’d expect from a 400+ ‘performance’ car.
- You’ll be lucky to get anything better than 16MPG.
- Interior doesn’t feel anything special.


- It does everything very well. City driving and spirited driving.
- Certainly a very attractive car. Sharpe edges but still subtle enough to not look like a flash Harry.
- Handles very well as standard. M performance coilovers and the larger brakes enhance it even further.
- Feels like a M car with the same S55 engine as the M3/M4.


Are there better cars on the market today. Yes!

It’ll never be a straight line warrior, in fact some reviews would have you looking at the OG M2 unless you were after that extra little bit in all departments. What it does offer is a well balanced all round capable car.

It becomes an exceptional buy when you consider you can pick a new well spec’d car up for 50k. The M3/4 when well spec’d can exceed 70k.

Alternatives: Cayman GTS, RS3 & TTRS

From my very brief research I’d say the Alfa is more likely to be compared to the M3/4, RS4/6 and C63 AMG.

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