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Spec-R Group Buy

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Just in time for show season preparation we are delighted to offer a Group Buy on selected Spec-R products for Evo 4 - 10.

Spec-R products don't just look great but offer proven performance advantages over not only the standard OE parts but also the aftermarket 'upgraded' variants too. If you want the best products for your car there's no point in looking anywhere else - and incredibly Spec-R products are not the most expensive either, so it's actually possible to get more than what you pay for!!

What is on offer?.

1. Polished Turret Cap Covers Evo 4-9.

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These are made from high quality alloy and polished to Spec-R's High Standards.

This is a first as we can now offer sight glass and Evo 10 Spec-R products in a MLR GB

2. Aluminium Power Steering Tanks with sight glass for Evo 4-10

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Alloy Power Steering Reservoir Tank - Fabricated by hand in the UK. Fabricated by hand here in the UK. CNC machined Spec-R logo engraved into cap. Polished to Spec-R's high standard or alternatively in base black.

3. Aluminium Header Tanks with sight glass for Evo 4-10

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Evo 4-6 version

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Evo 7-10 version

Alloy Header/Expansion Tank, complete with level indicator, CNC machined Spec-R engraved Cap and Level indicator. Polished to Spec-R's high standard or alternatively in base black. Mounts to the OEM bracket on the Vehicle.

The Group Buy & MLR Member Prices:

Exclusively for the MLR, Spec-R are offering the following pricing structure.

1 - 14 products : 10% discount
15 - 20+ products : 15% discount

Please see the table below for MLR member pricing.

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Group Buy Duration:

This will run until 31st March 2020


We’ll start confirming orders as soon as we reach the maximum discount level.

Payment details: Please call Spec-R directly on 01380 724518

Payment may be made by credit or debit card. Payments by Paypal will incur additional charge of 4% of total payable.

To Order: Please place your orders below and I'll add you to the confirmed order list.

username / car / finish / product e.g.: gordonm / Evo 9 / Polished / Aluminium Power Steering Tank with sight glass


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