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On offer at the mo

Hi All,

Thanks for the advice / interest.

FYI I have an fair offer trade in with the car as is. This is through a high performance dealer who is sorting a nitrous Mustang for one company director & a Merc SL65 for the MD with an option for me to borrow the SL65 when I fancy, then I run the MD's BMW 535D 330BHP / 480ftlb to keep the family from moaning as they do when we go out in the Evo!

I also have circa the same offer on the evo from an MLR member subject to viewing.

And a third offer with a guy on a fixed budget, where if insurance was free he would have the budget for it!! So the offer is lower.

I will know more after next Monday / Tuesday when option one above should go through.

Hence those that have asked for photos, I won't be doing the photos unless option one doesn't go ahead if that's OK.

Give it 6 months and I'll be back on here looking for a road useable but well tuned stroker evo!!

Cheers Paul
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