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Originally Posted by shady_49 View Post
Iím just uploading photos to Flickr then hopefully I can figure out how to get them on here. Looking at getting a new civic type r , completely different car to the evo but they are so nice to drive with all the mod cons. Itís taken a long time to decide its time to part ways with the evo and I will be heart broken when it goes but you know when youíve made your mind up itís time . Sam
Yeah that link has worked okay for me. Not a big fan of the new civics myself and have never personally drove one bit Iíve seen good reviews about them so Iím sure itíll be a good move for you. I take it youíve been out for a few test drives? I havenít quite experienced that yet as I still havenít let go of my first car which is currently sitting rotting at the back of my house.
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