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There was only one way to find out. My first sprint of the year was at Cadwell Park and there were a few slightly nippy competitors there to say the least. Sprinting in the top MLRSS class has changed so much over the years. Gone are the days of me and my mates turning up on second hand 225 wide rally tyres and having a laugh. We now have what appears to be millionaires turning up with 4-5 grands with of brand new 300 wide single lap supersoft racing slicks. I was way out of my league and only had some 3 lap tyres which had no chance of getting warm during a sprint. I had intended to use these to get a PB on a test day at Cadwell with the aim being to do a one hit wonder in Time Attack, but with such great competition at the Cadwell sprint I just had to turn up and see how much slower I was than the likes of the Gobstopper 2, the MLRSS Champion and the 2015 Pro Extreme TA champion. Lets face it, I wasn’t going to win but I was going to have a lot of fun trying to get onto that podium, which is what I did and managed to get 3rd place in class D. I’ve never been so happy getting a 3rd place before but with company like this it really was a good result for me. It was a great test for the car which ran flawlessly all day…..but there’s more to come, much more. I won’t be turning up on 3 lap tyres again that’s for sure. To compete with these big boys you need to be on the same rubber. That’s how expensive this class is now. 100k+ cars and 5 grands worth of tyres, but this is exactly where I like to be...playing the underdog.

So, what makes this car so quick for a comparatively cheap car? The answer is not just the power. It’s the weight. Bar the rear wing it has a standard silhouette and looks fairly OEM, until you get close up. Over the last few years I’ve stripped the hell out of this car but not in the way many people think. The main weight savings haven’t come cutting out structural strength. The main weight savings have come from removing things on the car that I don’t need, and I’ve made those bits that I do need….lighter.

I had to figure out a way to counter the heavy but essential items that needed to remain. It still has a completely standard prop shaft, OEM sub-frames, original steel roof, 3 silencers, a dry sump and a 43kg bolt in cage. None of this helps when trying to get weight out but I now only have 37kgs to remove to get the car to 999kgs, which is now my next goal.

Watch this space. Let's see if I can achieve my goal.

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