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I had an FD RX7 for a few years before I got my first EVO (a X).

The FD had a streetport and T04s turbo, it was awesome, I adored it. Sexy as hell, fabulous to drive, the uniqueness of the rotary engine. They can be a little lively at the rear end, so be mindful. Sadly, I blew an apex seal on mine in some hot weather, due to heatsoak and high intake temps. I lost my job around the same time and had to break the car.

When I got the X, it was slower than the FD but the handling was what blew my mind. Modded up to the 380 bhp the X was an awesome car, although I still hankered for my FD.

Now that I have a 500+ bhp EVO V, I would never go back to an FD. Wouldn't mind one as a second car though

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Most TME owners have never driven an evo, including their own.
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