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ady_evo 29-07-2019 10:40

Anyone know this Evo - WX05 AXR
Hello All

A red coloured Evo by the registration plate of WX05 AXR has recently been seen and getting thrashed around in the local area including over bumps and on streets where there are often kids playing. Judging from the way it is being driven i can't see it lasting long and maintaining its current condition.

Just wondering if anyone knows this Evo and it's never been spotted around the area before, it's rare to see a performance car like this in the area as it's usually sub 500 cars being driven around.

evo/nut 29-07-2019 18:29

Where are you might help?

ady_evo 24-09-2019 09:51

Still seen around Bradford and getting constantly thrashed around. Just a bit concerned it may have been stolen from someone.

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