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DavidK 13-11-2019 08:53

Loss of power to all wheels transfer box`
Hi all,

So my Evo 7 went in with a view to a base dyno run to get detail of what the power output was and then discuss tuning options. Seems when she went on the dyno she kicked out and it turns out the not all the wheels are receiving power its only the back two that are. Transfer box taken out and all looks as it should do but still have the issue.

Does any one have any suggestions around this or had a similar issue?


grants 13-11-2019 15:22

This all a it strange and unusual ???

My first question is; what is the make and model of the dyno
Secondly who, company, was operating the dyno


DavidK 13-11-2019 17:27

Hey grant she is due at another dyno test on Friday I believe I am not sure in make or model of the dyno. I am hoping to get some good news on Friday as it’s all very strange given the transfer box is fine and have already lost a day getting that out

spn 13-11-2019 20:01

Check the ACD, if it's not working, the power will go to the set of wheels with the least resistance.



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