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VXRCymru 03-03-2018 11:24

Auto resizing when uploading pics
I know there has been some discussion of this, but not in one place.

Is this going to be a fixed feature on the new format?

It makes life much easier, avoids issues similar to what has happened with photobucket and would encourage members to load more pics.

All round it would be a big plus for the forum.

stu8 03-03-2018 11:38

was this ever actually a feature on the MLR, or is it just the changes ahve made uploading more restrictive.

Ive always had to resize to put pics on the MLR (via PC), but also been here so long I just did it out of habit last few years


VXRCymru 03-03-2018 13:18

No it hasn't been a feature on the MLR, not in recent years anyway. But it is possible and would make life so much easier, what ever the size of your pics, click to upload, the system does the rest!

stu8 03-03-2018 13:19

1 of the VS team have already said they will look into implementing this, once they have sorted all the problems


VXRCymru 03-03-2018 15:44

That would be great

river evo 6 03-03-2018 17:57

I totally think this is a fantastic idea, when I used to post a photo from my tablet through attachment it was perfect size, not now it's huge,
Off my phone I always had to resize , but some people don't and it ruins a thread makes all the text really small and have to zoom in.
It would be a fantastic thing if it does it for you , hope admin read this thread:smthumbup

VSAdmin 05-03-2018 15:55

Have done so, and we're looking into it, once things have quieted bug wise down a tad


VSAdmin 05-03-2018 21:17

Ticket opened for this: Case #2975809.

NasEvo 08-03-2018 08:37

Hi Admins,

What code do i put in to [img] url [/img] to resize in the post?



VSAdmin 08-03-2018 15:51


Originally Posted by NasEvo (Post 6062854)
Hi Admins,

What code do i put in to [img] url [/img] to resize in the post?



Are you trying to post an image from another site? wrap [ resize= however small you want it] and [/resize ] around the img tags

VSAdmin 08-03-2018 15:59


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