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Juttie 21-04-2019 16:15

Yep its ruri blue always loved the colour even when I had my grey mr always wanted a blue 9 lol

gordonm 06-05-2019 18:51

Class! Get some up to date pics up please :smthumbup

Juttie 09-05-2019 22:53

Will get some pics up once it's back together as doing some prep ready so it can go up for sale

notenoughtime 12-05-2019 07:24

Lovely looking 205

Juttie 12-06-2019 20:27

Car is now up for sale as want to return to evo ownership again.

PetterJhon 19-06-2019 14:22


Originally Posted by Juttie (Post 5547661)
Having sold my evo a few years ago ive been working on my dimma 205 which is undergoing a full nut and bolt rebuild all finished in mitsubishi ruri blue.

Tempted to get another evo when its finished maybe a evo 9 in same colour😊

Hello everyone,,,

Fancy seeing you on here fella

Glad to see its coming along, will keep an eye on here

Still got our Miami blue Mi16 which we are now turning into a little track car for next summer

Juttie 20-06-2019 17:16

Car now sold deposit taken which means one thing I'm coming back to evo ownership.

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