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123456 12-12-2015 15:41

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Here's my two Peugeots. Both way less trouble than the EVO :wallbang:

shavermcspud 16-12-2015 06:23

I had a 205 gti 1.9 for a total of 7 days before smashing it to bits, rolling it on the A1 and destroying it, was extremely sad day.
It was six months old and only has 2.5k miles on it

But as everyone always told me, at 17 and just passed my test it was way too much for me to handle.

DuncanIV 16-12-2015 10:39

Looking good. That certainly brings back memories!

A good friend had a Dimma back in the day, I've got a pic somewhere that I'll dig out.
I had a 1.6gti when I was 18 and it was a great car to drive, then the engine went Kaput so we changed it to a 1.9lump and that was a rocket ship mated to the 1.6 gearbox.
Another good friend is what I'd call addicted to them, at one point he had around 8 of them in a lockup in various states. Some mint ones in Miami blue and Sorrento green and some rough ones. A lot of these were bought after being on the drink and going on eBay, I think he's trying to re-live his youth lol. He never had a 205gti when he was younger, just a 309gti and before that a 205xs.

DuncanIV 16-12-2015 11:28

Found it at last. Sorry for pic quality, its a phone shot of one of those old photograph thingies.

beefyrs 16-12-2015 12:53

This is my old 1.9. It handled unreal with r888's on it but only a n the dry, in the wet it was like driving on ice!!

Cardsharky 16-12-2015 15:40

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Loved these Dimma pugs back in the day.
This might interest you. This belongs to the guy that still owns Dimma. Full Evo running gear including engine. Even half the body is from an Evo Vi cut in half and chopped. Amazing little car.:smthumbup

Juttie 07-03-2016 16:02

Small update all brakes fitted and most of the interior back in seats are at the trimmers and engine going back in over next few weeks.

Arronevo8 07-03-2016 16:23


Robmgti 07-03-2016 17:53

Amazing :) love this thread. Assume it's up on 205Drivers forum is it? I don't log on much now a days.


Panjy 07-03-2016 18:20

Lovely job you're doing there - well done.
I remember lusting after these back in the day.

Ben_r1 07-03-2016 18:49

Beautiful, used to have a Ph1 1.6 non sunroof model. Probably more fun down a tight B road than any offering from manufactures today, although my Suzuki Iggy Sport comes close in spirit and entertainment.

Ben_r1 07-03-2016 18:50

What's the 308 GTI like?

Gg3001 07-03-2016 19:47

King of the Jungle! Love it! My 1st car at 17 was a 205 GTI 1.6, Ecosse spoiler, low, K&n 57i, Peco back box lol, Boy that was a long time ago...

Juttie 14-04-2019 17:09

With the car finished and just not using it as am thinking of returning to evo ownership it's going up for sale.very shortly.

kins 19-04-2019 12:07

Loving this - same colour as my VI :)

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