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grants 09-03-2019 15:55

Rallycross - 2019
Anyone got a clue what is happening :confused:

Nostalgia :coolsm:


PS; I made the wiring looms for Martin

tbtstt 09-03-2019 17:45


Originally Posted by grants (Post 6164129)
Anyone got a clue what is happening :confused:

With the British Championship? First round is in a couple of weeks, so I hope we see an entry list this week.


Originally Posted by grants (Post 6164129)
PS; I made the wiring looms for Martin

That's properly cool! Was that for the Escort, or other cars?

tbtstt 11-03-2019 19:16

Forgive the double post, but entry list for the opening round of the British Championship (Silverstone) now online:

British Rallycross Championship - Round 1 Entries

8 Supercars
11 Supernational/S1600
8 Junior Swift
10 Swift
10 BMW Mini
15 Retros (4 Group B/4WD, 6 Super Retro, 5 Retro)
2 RX150

Looks like Higgins won't be returning to defend his title? And not looking like much of a fight for the RX150 title, really think those buggies need to be dropped.

tbtstt 02-04-2019 09:08

Triple post from me, but I just uploaded a few pictures from Silverstone. Few of my faves...

...and a couple of extra Evo shots!

Some more shots here:

If anyone is interested.

tbtstt 30-04-2019 09:23

Not sure if anyone is looking at this thread, but a few pictures from the second round of the British Championship at Lydden Hill:

Full album here:

If anyone wants to see more (advance warning: I took a lot of RS200 pictures!)

tbtstt 07-06-2019 15:50

Few photos from Round 4 of the World Rallycross Championship at Silverstone:

Loads more pictures here:

If anyone is interested.

tbtstt 19-08-2019 11:46

No one is replying, but I see a few of you have been looking, so I thought I'd post some more stuff here!

Went to the third and fourth rounds of the new "Titans" rallycross series at Lydden last month. Weather wasn't great, but there was some good racing throughout and some very "robust" driving. Apparently there were penalties for corner cutting, but a lot of drivers seemed to be majorly trimming the grass at North Bend. The absence of joker laps made a massive difference and most of the races (when they eventually came) were close.

The "Titans" are a spec car, they are pretty rapid and very loud. My only real gripe with them is the look: some of the shells are OK, some look really ungainly. Think they'd have been much better off going with sleek RX Lite style shell for the whole field, then having more colourful liveries to distinguish between the cars.

There was some decent racing in the support classes as well and nice to see an eight car Supercar final as well. Munnich was in a class of his own, though notable that Godfrey wasn't that far behind him. Impressive drive from Donnelly as well, he didn't seem to take long to get to grips with the C4.

Shame that there were issues with the Doran RS200: was looking forward to seeing that car getting thrashed again!

Few more photos here:

If anyone is interested!

Breachy 21-08-2019 06:59

Nice pics! Loving the RS200’s and the older Audi escort etc three pics up...

tbtstt 21-08-2019 07:50


Originally Posted by Breachy (Post 6192175)
Nice pics! Loving the RS200ís and the older Audi escort etc three pics up...

As much as I love the modern cars, I think it's brilliant to see the older cars in action. The RS200 is one of my all time favourites and the Doran car is one of my favourite examples.

The British Championship is at Lydden this (Bank Holiday) Monday coming and the World Championship is at Loheac next weekend with a massive entry list, so I'll probably have some more pictures for the thread soon!

Cardsharky 21-08-2019 09:50

Thanks for the pics pal, cracking shots. New cars are not for me, retro so much better.👍

tbtstt 04-09-2019 08:16

Few more snaps for the thread, this time from the fifth round of the British Championship at Lydden Hill. Wasn't a classic meeting, but some decent racing, especially in the Juniors.

...with a few more here:

For those who are interested!

tbtstt 16-09-2019 08:35

Not many events left this year now. Few from round 8 of the World Rallycross Championship in France a couple of weeks ago... ever,full album here:

If anyone is interested in seeing more!

tbtstt 08-10-2019 09:20

Last rallycross of the year for me, BTRDA Championship at Lydden. Massive entry (almost 100 cars) and some decent racing.

Few more here:

If anyone is interested!

grants 28-10-2019 13:36

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tbtstt 28-10-2019 14:13

Victory for Derek Tohill in the final round yesterday, but another Championship for Godfrey. Heard some mixed stories about Julian over the years, but can't deny that he has done well to keep that Fiesta at the head of the field. Yes, there wasn't as much competition this year as previous seasons, but Tohill is using (what I am led to believe) is a well sorted car and Godfrey wasn't that far off matching the pace of Munnich at the Titans round earlier this year.

Winter rallycross advertised at Lydden before the end of the year...

...though they did promise something last year and had to cancel it due to lack of entries. Hopefully it goes ahead this year.

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