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xxgomxx 31-05-2020 10:37

Out with the enemy
My brothers new investment V6 Type R and my X

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Humps85 31-05-2020 11:17

Love this RS !

20watt TME 31-05-2020 13:11

Both lovely. Is this Gaz’s from Cpp type r? If it is it’s a quality example ��

xxgomxx 31-05-2020 13:15


Originally Posted by Humps85 (Post 6227067)
Love this RS !

Thanks matey

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xxgomxx 31-05-2020 13:19


Originally Posted by 20watt TME (Post 6227075)
Both lovely. Is this Gazís from Cpp type r? If it is itís a quality example ��

It is :-)

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Baileyk 31-05-2020 14:04

Iconic car - the scooby that is!

@lexd 31-05-2020 15:32

I have a soft spot for the 2 doors

xxgomxx 31-05-2020 15:54

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Hedgehog Dodger 31-05-2020 23:47

My father had a white type R with P-zero front bumper and it looked great. The only Impreza I would own.

Nice car, the X's are growing on me.


jameswrx 01-06-2020 23:20

Nice, don’t often see that colour on an sti. I have a V6 STI saloon in the same colour.

Can’t believe the prices of classic impreza STI’s now! A mate of mine wants a V5/6 STI but it’s looking like getting an Evo 5 is easier on the wallet. Funny thing is when I bought my STI V6 I could have bought two nice ones for the price of an average Evo 5.

Seems to me people are still breaking imprezas like mad and Evos are broken less?

Stallion 08-06-2020 18:27

Both look great -:cool:

Tho :mitsi: rule :)

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