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Shawty83 13-02-2020 17:50

Evo 4 with evo 6 ecu speed density
Hi all, going to be getting my 4 remapped very soon, have been looking into whether to convert to speed density as have a blitz vent to atmosphere dump valve and I'm getting stalling issues
Is there any benefit from this
Anyone running this step up
Any advice is much appreciated

pmugabi 14-02-2020 05:54

You can raise your revs at idle or you can get a more restrictive BOV. That will fix the stalling.

Changing to speed density just for a little sound seems a bit too much.

Shawty83 14-02-2020 08:27

It's not so much for the dump valve, I'm wanting switchable maps and tidy the the engine bay up
Have read many good things about speed density
Just wanting to see if others have done this
Thanks for the reply

foxbat 21-02-2020 10:38

If you're having issues with the MAF rom you could easily convert to SD, it's very straight forward, you just need a MAP & an IAT sensors & have them wired.
Both the MAF & SD modded roms offer extra features such as switchable maps.

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