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Jez3062 08-09-2020 07:58

Idle and EGR question
Morning everyone!

Quick question that I hope doesn't come across as stupid. Do Evo 8s (UK models) have EGR? The reason I ask is on idle my car sounds like it has more aggressive cams fitted (sounds like cam lope) but to my knowledge still has stock cams (will check at the weekend). Idle is stable at 800rpm and isn't hunting but there is definite cam lope sound.

Any ideas? Was thinking its either EGR issue (if even fitted!) or it has aftermarket cams fitted.

kikiturbo 08-09-2020 10:36

Do you have OE intake?

Jez3062 08-09-2020 10:39

Its got a blitz power CAI. MAF is still connected.

grants 08-09-2020 14:01


Which Evo 8 do you have?

An Evo 8 260 which is EU compliant and has EGR but no SAS

Or a JDM car which does not have EGR

Look under the bonnet at the exhaust manifold, if it has two metal pipes going towards the inlet manifold it's a JDM car

Jez3062 08-09-2020 15:33

Its a 260 UK model. I was pretty sure I found the EGR valve last night. Couldn't find the EGR solenoid though.....think this is behind the Intake Mani on the firewall?
Could just be a loose Vac line that I haven't found but I believe deleting the EGR saves any hassle in the future. Cant find any UK stockist of EGR delete plates though.

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