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antbern 29-10-2014 20:34

HKS Twin plate clutch flywheel!
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Hi All,

I'm currently running an evo 6 sprint / hill climb car with around 650bhp and am quite disappointed with my HKS clutch.

In a nutshell, I lost drive during the last hillclimb event, and later discovered that it was due to the flywheel shearing off about the mating surface to the crank. The clutch has recently had new friction plates (and was inspected in the process), and has had the flywheel replaced in 2011 (50-100km of use since).

Iíve attached pictures of the flywheel failure, as I find it extremely odd that it would fail in this way and would expect these components to be designed in such a way that clutch slip would occur preventing the levels of torque needed to completely shear the flywheel. Am I right to think that this type of failure is likely to have been caused by a potential manufacturing defect? Has everyone ever seen such a failure (especially considering there were no other signs on the other clutch components)?

Any advice would be much appreciated!



interbishi 29-10-2014 20:50

Is it a GD Max or pro , I thought these clutches were rated @ 600 bhp , it maybe time for a triple plate super clutch .

antbern 29-10-2014 21:11

It's the pro clutch. I wouldn't have expected the clutch to fail in this way if running close or above the rated power?

antbern 30-10-2014 16:22

And as a follow up question, what clutch would best suit my application? Hill climb / sprints on 10" slick tyres (with the potential to run up to around 700bhp) whilst also still the occasional road use?

My thoughts currently are:

ND triple plate
Exedy triple plate HD - replacement clutch plates possibly quite costly?
Clark motorsport clutches

Any advice welcome!

evo-wrx 30-10-2014 18:40

os giken next time!

[email protected] 31-10-2014 15:31


Originally Posted by antbern (Post 5364004)

Clark motorsport clutches = Xtreme clutch

This one :)
Very nice to use, well put together, tough and reliable.
Value for money too!

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