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kins 31-07-2019 18:04

Under Suzuki returns...

Realbadman 01-08-2019 04:55

I was just watching this about a couple days ago, self built machine :coolsm:!

Ross W 01-08-2019 07:04

Great story. Have to admire him.

Mick-87 27-09-2019 17:09

ITA: So, you set out to build a new semi-tube car with a one-off suspension? Any other major upgrades? I assume you spent heaps of late hours, how long did it take to build the car? Who designed the suspension?

Under: ôSuspension designer? That was me!


Mick-87 18-10-2019 04:57

Under crashed during practice :(. Was taken to hospital but is fine.

Goginawa 19-10-2019 10:15

Working in pharmacy during day, building car during night. Hats off to him

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