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Cammy0411 25-04-2016 19:50

My fq300 evo 9 in silver
Had this for nearly two years now so think its about time i put up some pics of it. Not nearly as high specced as some of the monsters and money pits on here but it fits the bill. I use the car year round too, not a garage queen like some on here ither then:lol:
Previous car history is
106 quiksilver
Civic type R (ep3)
Bmw 328ci e46
Then the evo
Here it is as i picked it up, standard except the milltek cat back, blitz filter and window tints
And here it is now, spec right now is
Kw v1 coilovers
Performance friction .11 pads and brembo discs
M2 downpipe
M2 decat
Russ fellows unresonated cat back
Blitz air filter
Remap to 295bhp atw at performance hq
Carbon vortex generator
Carbon mirrors
Carbon j-panels
Carbon arm rest cover
Sony head unit
Xxr 527 8.75et25 in chromium black
Nankang ns2R 180 compound tyres

staffi 25-04-2016 19:52

Lovely that,looks cracking in your last pic, great stance

Leo6072 25-04-2016 19:54

She looks great mate nice looking 9 fastest colure also:smthumbup

Dereksti 25-04-2016 19:54

Very nice,sits just right :smthumbup

Cammy0411 25-04-2016 19:56

Ive tried to not lower it too much after alot of reading into ride height and geo setups on here especially regarding front ride height and angles of suspension arms etc, need it to actually handle on the b-roads where i live

Cammy0411 26-04-2016 10:03

Took some better photos of it not just in the half finished garage :lol:

M3 ROB 26-04-2016 10:12

Cracking photos of a stunning motor :smthumbup

lemonnobby 27-04-2016 07:54

Same as mine mate. Is the power right for after a remap.

Cammy0411 27-04-2016 08:30

Yes it made 230 at the wheels when they first put it on the dyno, after remap its 295bhp and 315FtLb at the wheels mapped on bp ultimate 97 octane as its all i can get round here

evo baz 27-04-2016 08:46

Looks good.

So you North of the border if it was mapped by HQ?

Cammy0411 27-04-2016 18:00

Yes im in newton stewart, dumfries and galloway
Those pictures were taken on the queens way road heading for new galloway

Cammy0411 09-05-2016 14:06

Some sunny photos looking over the irish sea in what is probably our 2 weeks of summer :lol:

Gavalar 09-05-2016 14:31

Lovely mate mr front splitter would look nice

Cammy0411 18-06-2016 09:49

Ordered these from evo gb and new tie rod ends from ross sport, fingers crossed it cures the small steering wheel vibration im having.

Silent_Scone 18-06-2016 12:12

Really like that, got stance

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