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Phil2333 07-02-2016 17:20

My Evo 6 underbody restoration thread
Having had my evo for 12 years now:eek::coolsm:......and tracked it/modded it etc etc....even tho 99% of people said im mad and its mint already it was time for the old girl to get some proper love,rather than bolting on expensive alcons and diffs etc.

Im a panel beater by trade,so it does help:D...there was nothing major wrong,but if i left it another few years then it would be a bigger and bigger thought to take it off the road for a year and get it done.

Having looked at some threads on here and doing some research i opted for the "on a spit on its side proper jobbie"...rather than on my back underneath!

How it was...

Started the big strip down....i know nearly every nut and bolt on the evo 6,as ive fitted roofs,cages etc.

Looking sorry for itself..

Inner wings came up fine with a bit of a clean...

Car getting fully stripped to go on the rollover jig.

Having done a "few" rally cars with my old man:shake::lol:...then i knew that buying a spit was the only option....deluxe mk2 mania spit...ace bit of easy.

Having looked at the car underneath,i knew it wasnt great and would need doing...not a show car but not a dog either...for a 16 year old 6 it was pretty decent.

Krissyb 07-02-2016 17:22

Looking forward too seeing this evolve Phil , i'll be watching this one with a close eye.

Phil2333 07-02-2016 17:25

Next up was the big strip...:blah:...what a shyte job....days and nights of soft wheels/fibre wheels etc underbody and 4 arches down to bare metal...mad seeing your car on a spit.:eek::D

staffi 07-02-2016 17:27

Not too much to worry about under there Phil, good on you bud for attacking it, another one that'll be awesome when finished.

SAVE OUR 6s I say ;)

Phil2333 07-02-2016 17:27


Originally Posted by Krissyb (Post 5604742)
Looking forward too seeing this evolve Phil , i'll be watching this one with a close eye.

Its near done mate....just uploading the pics and typing the arms/fingers hurt:lol:

staffi 07-02-2016 17:31

When I see threads like this I'm so glad I bought myself an import, AND before anyone sets fire to me for saying that let me say why. BECAUSE I haven't got the skill to do this work or the patience, I have totally admiration and respect for you guys that do this, you deserve a medal.

TimC 07-02-2016 17:34

Want a 9GT to do Phil?

Im dying to find a bit of space to get this done to my car at some point, its looking manky underneath.

Looks like you are/have done a great job so far.

Phil2333 07-02-2016 17:35

Next up after about 80 hours was rust bullet.....did alot of research and this was THE product to use....strict time scales and application didnt put me a 5 gallon 140 tub was bought:)

3 coats of rust bullet...each coat 2 hours apart...then seam sealed like a pro.:D:D

super rover 07-02-2016 17:36

TOP job ,ive done it with a few rally cars its not much fun ,but how some strip stuff on there backs on th efloor is beyond me a spit is a MUST for a job like this

im just glad i dont have to do it with the new car as its allready as new underneath

Phil2333 07-02-2016 17:38

Some more pics......started the whole thing oct 30th 2015.

All 4 wheel arches grey stone chipped for extra protection....
Then onto paint......will add pics as i go.

super rover 07-02-2016 17:46

get the chassis legs filled with cavity wax and she will be good forever TOP work that man

Phil2333 07-02-2016 17:48


Originally Posted by super rover (Post 5604768)
get the chassis legs filled with cavity wax and she will be good forever TOP work that man

Already done mate...painted and 3m transparant cavity waxed:) every nook and cranny.

RichW 07-02-2016 17:48

Fantastic job Phil - very impressive indeed :cool:

Phil2333 07-02-2016 17:53


Originally Posted by RichW (Post 5604771)
Fantastic job Phil - very impressive indeed :cool:

Cheers not doing it as a show car or anything...just a freshen up,so i can wring its neck on track for another 5+ years.:)

TimC 07-02-2016 17:55

Did you do anything regarding the insides of the chassis legs, or don't they really suffer?

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