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Jack Rose 24-01-2020 12:37

**huge specification evo 6 gsr** please read
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The time has come to sell my beloved Mitsubishi Evo 6 bought completely standard over 5 years ago now and transformed into what is my dream specification Evo. Below I will detail the full specification of the car but please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. The car is photographed in my showroom but please be assured it is my personal car (Log Book shows date of purchase as ***** ) of which I really do not want to sell, although the decision has been made, I really am in no rush to sell. I will be making sure the car goes to the correct owner so please do not be offended if I question your reasons for purchasing, on the flip side, if you are the right buyer for the car then Iím sure there is a deal to be had.

Reg: S748 OFJ
Mileage: 117,586 (Mixture of mileage and KMíS from import)
Imported by SVA (I will confirm date once I can find the paperwork)


- Full Engine Build last year. Built with Manley I beams, Wiseco Pistons etc Ported & Polished Head with Kelford 272s etc
- Auto-Torque Inconel exhaust manifold with Zircotec coating
- HKS7460KAI Turbo, the holy of grail of stock frames turboís.. the car previously ran a full frame kit making well over 550hp but decided to go back to this unit for itís fast spooling capabilities. The turbo alone cost a touch under £3,000 and the car now makes a safe 460hp spooling at around 3000rpm The difference on track was unbelievable, I was forever chasing RPM with the larger laggier set up, with this youíre forever in the middle of the power band, single handily the best upgrade since building the car.
- Link Stand-Alone Engine Management with Logging enabaled
- Gearbox built by Clive W, I actually bought this as a spare but have recently fitted it when the previous box started crunching.. it was bought second hand so I donít have the paperwork to support, but it feels strong with no excess play or crunching in any gears.
- RS Rear diff.. bought new from Indigo GT, I decided to have this stripped and plated by Clive W before fitting to gain even more traction... the results are phenomenal over the standard AYC.
- Development set of Meister R GT1ís these were one of the first sets built by Jared we played around with spring rates to get the car to where it Is today, they were also sent back to Meister last year for a check over, it was decided that we would renew the seals to peace of mind.
- Alcon 365mm Front Brakes
- Bespoke made Brembo 4 pot rear brakes using Seat Leon Cupra R 320mm discs and front calipers. (No Handbrake, but happy to return this back to standard if required, I always just leave it in gear if parked on a hill)
- CAE Shifter
- Full Safety Devices Roll Cage
- Race Technology Digital Dash
- Cobra Suzuka Pro seats, bought brand new around 3.5 years ago
- Sabelt 4 point harnesses (Standard seat belts still in situ for road use)
- Fully Polybushed
- Front & Rear Anti Roll Bars
- Besposke in-car fuel system (Photographed) swirl pot system to eradicate fuel surge.
- Rota Grids full refurbished and wrapped in new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup-2ís ready for sale.
- Lifeline Fire extinguisher kit.. fully wired in with nozzles to the fuel rail and drivers feet etc. (The ignition box is currently removed as I had hoped to mount it within a spare dash I was building to eventually have flocked, but I gave up on the idea.. I still have the ignition box though, it just needs plugging in and remounting on the dash)
- Loads of little items such as the OMP steering wheel, bespoke intake pipes, bespoke breather tank, Koyorad Radiator, Greddy intercooler etc.. Iím sure if you know what youíre looking at there will be plenty of bits I have missed but you get the general idea.

Overall a fantastic car that I have spent a considerable amount of time and money building. The underside of the car has never been undersealed, It was dry stored before I bought it and it has lived in my garage ever sinceÖ the guys down at Indigo GT often comment on how clean the car is (Iím sure Ant or Stretch will be happy to discuss the car should anyone have any questions) and I bought completely standard purely for how rust free it was back then!! It has spent about 3 years of my ownership sorn, I didnít have a need for it on the road so bought a trailer and trailered the car to track days for the ease aspect, it was only last April I decided I wanted to enjoy some road miles with trips out to Caffeine & Machine and the like with friends that I had her MOTíd and thatís all she did last year, no track days.

Last point to mention is that she had a full re-spray in her original colour at the beginning of 2019Ö This was done by a very good friend with a fantastic reputation within the industry. There was no real need for this, other than a few minor blemishes but ultimately I wanted her too be immaculate to use on the road.. perhaps a little OTT but the results are epic so well worth the money.


- Thereís only oneÖ the digital dash doesnít record mileage and I seem to have misplaced the original dials (I am still looking) the mileage recorded on the last MOT was the mileage recorded on the invoice from Indigo GT when they fitted the digital dash.

I value the car at £25,000 but understand this is a bit hopeful so I have decided that an asking price of £22,000 seems fair and will hopefully generate some genuine interest. As said above, Iím in no desperate rush to sell and will choose who buys it, If interested please just give me a call on the number below and Iíd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading. I have loads of pictures on my computer that I can send if required.

Tel: 07972 905679

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Jack Rose 24-01-2020 12:39

Admin** Is there any way of resizing the images before I go any further?

thetyrant 24-01-2020 13:47

Looks a beauty :) you will need to resize the pictures yourself before upload using paint or something, are you using a phone or PC ?

dessimpson 24-01-2020 17:10

Here you go :)

evo woolfy 25-01-2020 14:02

Are there any interior shots you can put up mate?

grants 25-01-2020 14:27

Total Fail :confused:

GARY-8MR 25-01-2020 16:29


dessimpson 25-01-2020 17:51


Originally Posted by grants (Post 6210723)
Total Fail :confused:

How so? I shrunk all the pictures?

Jack Rose 25-01-2020 20:29


Originally Posted by evo woolfy (Post 6210711)
Are there any interior shots you can put up mate?

Just bare with me, Iím away all weekend but will do on Monday morning. Sorry for the delay.

Paulj1 25-01-2020 21:18


Originally Posted by evo woolfy (Post 6210711)
Are there any interior shots you can put up mate?

A few on ebay, canít seem to copy the link but hereís the number 233474432691 :thumbup:

evo woolfy 25-01-2020 22:18

Thanks chaps 👍🏻😎

Hurricane6 26-01-2020 00:04

Beautiful Evo VI.
I own one also. I love them.
Do provide the interior picture that show how well it all integrates with racing seats and Cage.

The rear brakes use the original Evo VI front 4-pot Brembo caliper and the SEAT rear 320mm disks???
Is that correct or did I mis-understand?


Hurricane6 26-01-2020 00:31


Who supplies that beautiful Rear Diffuser modification?

Jack Rose 28-01-2020 19:41

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Hi Everyone

I am struggling to upload the images in a size that remotely looks normal on here:wallbang:, if you'd like all the images please just, text or message me and I can send the pictures through via email or whatsapp.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


JohnT 21-03-2020 19:56

Image Size
Originals look fine to me on a iPad, lovely looking looking car GLWS

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