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Rampant 04-12-2018 05:20

Evo 6 headlights - woeful
Headlights on my Evo 6 are very poor and so dim that I am getting the impression, at times, that my lights aren't even working and have to click them off and on to check they are actually lit.
What, if anything, do early Evo owners do to improve this and with what results, please?

I've installed a road legal upgraded Philips bulb set (Racing Vision) last night, but haven't driven with them yet, but can't see there's much improvement when I tested them against the fence on my driveway...

Yours Aye

Mark H

evosmudge 04-12-2018 05:29

I got a set of led lights from lighting the way on facebook and it made
A huge differance

madmatt 04-12-2018 06:03

I have ordered some Osram Night Breaker Laser bulbs, but haven't fitted them yet. They seem to be the best solution for conventional light (no led, no hid, etc.). Will fit them when I get them and report here.

infamous pa 04-12-2018 07:17

It might be worth checking that your getting alternator voltage at your lights (14V + with the engine running) and checking both of the earths have a low resistance as that will cause an rim light

kes205 04-12-2018 08:58

I was the same the Evo 6 lights are terrible and I found it didn't matter what bulbs I put in them they were never very good. But then I put some Led bulbs in and they are amazing. Don't seem to dazzle oncoming traffic as they make a nice beam pattern and they are beyond bright and can now actually see the road. The issue is there are so many different LED bulbs available. I bought mine a couple of years ago and they look similar to the expensive ones phillips (ultinon) now sell but mine were nowhere near that price.

Shakey_Jake188 04-12-2018 09:06

These. Loads better than standard lights.

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zestyfesty 04-12-2018 09:55

I replaced the 19yr old lights and bulbs with Philips white or night vision or similar and marked improvement

RichW 04-12-2018 11:17

I am currently using some Philips +130% ones which made a difference, I fitted them in both the Colt and Evo. However the lifespan is very poor and so I am using the Osram Night Breaker in the Colt now and they seem just as good but *alot* longer life span, so would recommend those over the Philips. The Evo hasn't been used though I imagine the lifespan would be the same as they are the same H4 bulbs, though the stop start doesn't help lifespan of bulbs IMO and the colt does have that, the Evo obviously doesn't.

LED's in the colt looked nice and white but dazzled other drivers and the high beam was no better than the low beam, they didn't stay in even a day, sent them back to Amazon and got a refund.

Trev-the-Rev 04-12-2018 12:27

Just ordered a set of Osram Night Breakers for the Evo, so shall post up my findings once installed.

jdm4life 04-12-2018 12:38

Little point wasting time and money on bulbs or cheap HID add on kits imo. Try and find a place that does Xenon projector retrofits into the existing lights....Will be night and day, literally.

I recently changed from a oem halogen light to a xenon projector and the difference was astounding.

grants 04-12-2018 13:14

1 Attachment(s)
One of the reasons for crap headlights is down to the Mitsi design :thumbdown

Attachment 320603

With a "kiss" ;) description the wires from the headlight bulbs eventually go to the column switch and then to earth/ground
What is not shown is length of the wires. It's between 15 to 20ft which causes a volt drop in the order of 1Volt and 20%(ish) light output :eek:

Why did Mitsi do this??

Solution, without wiring changes, is higher output bulbs or LED Try searching for Philips H4 LED, they seam to have overcome the asymmetrical dip beam issue albeit at a cost of 70/pr (peanuts in Evo money)


Grant :)

UTH 04-12-2018 14:16


Originally Posted by Shakey_Jake188 (Post 6145339)
These. Loads better than standard lights.

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I also have the one piece headlights in my Evo 6.....with the PIAA Night Tech bulbs.....also these bulbs in my foglights as well, so on full beam I have 3 different sets of lights on, with good bulbs, so VASTLY better than the poxy standard ones.

Bulbs here:

grants 04-12-2018 14:32


Ali2000 04-12-2018 15:19

Another reason I'd like to add is "someone" said to me is that it's also due to the design, in that a narrow lens just doesn't put out as much as other bigger lens.

grants 04-12-2018 15:29


Originally Posted by Ali2000 (Post 6145433)
Another reason I'd like to add is "someone" said to me is that it's also due to the design, in that a narrow lens just doesn't put out as much as other bigger lens.

Not a helpful load of ******** :smthumbdo

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