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Marto 09-04-2005 19:24

E3 Balance shaft Removal
Hi Again All
Thanks for all the advice with my Smokey E3 especially Ex-GTIR (Mike). Anyway my engines all stripped and awaiting parts from Slowboy Racing, Ive been advised to remove balance shaft and have ordered a kit, however when I stripped the block today ready for machine work, I removed the lower front cassing and balance shaft, and then the oil pump, this also has what looks like another balance shaft running off the back of it. I wasn't expecting that, does this stay or need removal as well?

agrabau 10-04-2005 00:45

It must be removed and replaced with a short snub shaft originally designed for the 1.8 liter mitsu 4G93

petbeemer 10-04-2005 11:41

i have an unused kit if you wish?

thetyrant 10-04-2005 17:33

If you have ordered an eliminator kit from Slowboy you will get the shaft you need, i have this kit in my car.


Marto 10-04-2005 20:03

E3 Balance Shaft
Thanks Ian
I feel happier now, don't supose you know of a reputable company to do Crank Shaft Balancing?

ex-gtir 10-04-2005 20:21

here are part number for all parts to eliminate balancers
Balance Shaft Eliminator Parts
Balance shaft
bearing, rear
Balance shaft
bearing, front

Balance shaft
cap (plug) MD098626
Balance shaft
stub shaft

ex-gtir 10-04-2005 20:21

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