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Dragon 03-09-2001 23:19

Ralliart UK Reply
OK, so now that everyone has calmed down, heres an official response from Ralliart UK!

Yes, we always watch the Forum and occasionally we even post a few replies - what would you expect, we are all Evo fanatics.

Problem is that there is a lot of nonsense talked and a lot of confusion arises as a result.

Ralliart UK is a Ralliart family member - the Ralliart family is a worldwide network of regional Ralliart organisations that is proactive in its support of global motor sports at the very highest levels.Japan based Ralliart Inc guides the entire organisation, thus enabling Mitsubishi Motors to show its superior technical achievements on the world stage through competition success in motor sports.

In Europe the family members are Ralliart Italy, Ralliart Spain, Ralliart Germany, Ralliart France, Ralliart Europe (who prepare the WRC cars) and Ralliart UK.

Ralliart UK are not owned by CCC and CCC are not Ralliart family members . As Mitsubishi importers, however, CCC have franchised dealerships that sell Ralliart branded products.

At Ralliart UK we specialise in the Evolution models and our activities include sales, service, parts and motor sport preparation. We also develop our own models - the Sprint, RSX, Monte Carlo and of course the eXtreme.

Having run plenty of large dealerships in my time, I have never seen such a bunch of enthusiasts all trying to give good service - sometimes we get it wrong but we try very hard to learn the lessons and not repeat failures.

I am also pleased that so many of you actually seem to like us! Having owned a Stage 1 Evo V and an RS450 (bought with my own money I might add!) I know that Toney Cox and his team are the only ones that I would really trust with my pride and joy!

Should you buy a car from Ralliart UK, have it serviced by us, or are just considering where to take your Evo, please contact me directly if you need reassurance or have found our service lacking.

In addition, as an LTR member, I will try to respond to posts on the list to the best of my ability. Please remember that I do have a job to do and allow me a little delay as I can't monitor the list all day.

One last thing - no bad language or I'll tell the moderators!

Mark Cooper
Ralliart UK

[email protected]

Claudius 03-09-2001 23:27

Re:Ralliart UK Reply
Have you got an address / telephone number / web site for Ralliart France? Last time I heard about Ralliart in France, it was done by Sonauto, the Porsche importer, then they gave up, gave me another telephone number where there was never a reply, only an answering machine. Has this changed in the meantime?



Dragon 03-09-2001 23:39

Re:Ralliart UK Reply

Try: 15, rue Cortambert, 75116 Paris
Tel: 33-1-56915010
Fax: 33-1-56915011

Best I can do at this late hour!

[email protected]

SHORTY [paul s] 04-09-2001 01:52

Re:Ralliart UK Reply

Nice to see some participation from Ralliart Uk.There's me thinking that ralliart should be classed as a Grey importer .As no official connection with CCC or the ralliart Rally team.
It 's about time that Ralliart got involved with the only official club for mitsubishi gsr and Evo models in the uk.
It has been lacking and there are many sceptics inc my self.
Disalusioned by hear say on warrenty issues and other problems .I am Glad that Ralliart have a voice .
Dispite all that has been said in the past .with due respect Ralliart should defend them selves.
Dragon you may have opened a can of worms by your statement ,but I 'm sure we will give the greatest respect to Ralliart or its representatives to comment .
Any way can they do me a frigging good deal on a trade in with my E4:)

dedeffa 04-09-2001 09:07

Re:Ralliart UK Reply
Well put Shorty.

Mark its nice to see someone from Ralliart UK in the forum, hope you don't disappear too quickly.....


Jevo 04-09-2001 10:00

Re:Ralliart UK Reply

Good to see that Ralliart do read the board and contribute when they have the time... The board is full of enthusiasts that would relish the input from you guys on both technical and all matters to do with Evo's etc.

There are plenty of experts who contribute off their own backs through their own experience and to allow the BBS to feed these thoughts/ideas/suggestions/solutions back to you at Ralliart is a valuable conduit to improve the cars and our all round enjoyment of them.

Regular contribution would be appreciated and hopefully your input will be open and constructive around areas that are known issues that solutions are needed for.... brake warping being a prime example.

I for one look forward to this contribution.


SiKo 04-09-2001 10:01

Re:Ralliart UK Reply
Dragon you mentiones you have owned a RS450. Do you still have it?

SiKo 04-09-2001 10:23

Re:Ralliart UK Reply
I know of two EVO VI's that have been bought independently rather than through Ralliart in the last 12 months. Ralliart has lost these two particular sales for one reason. Those particular customers were not prepared to spend 2K over the odds for a Ralliart car and their warranty when they're no longer allowed to carry out any work on the car even if completed by Ralliart. This is a ridiculous situation that will harm Ralliart in the long run. I bought a nice shiny Ralliart EVO VI and was looking forward to my stage one at 8 months old when I was told it would invalidate my warranty. Needless to say I was livid at this...and still am. I ony now reccomend Ralliart to potential punters with a reservation and probably am not the only here one on this forum to do the same. Ralliart can calculate the lost revenue from their lost sales, loss of tuning work and parts. Even more annoying when you know of lots of Stage One's out there still under warranty. At present I'm looking for all my old documentation from Ralliart to see if they mention carrying out the conversions will invalidate the warranty at the time I purchased the car. Any thoughts on this?

screemin 04-09-2001 10:38

Re:Ralliart UK Reply
I bought my Evo 7 GSR about three weeks ago, and at the 1000 mile service last weekend I had a HKS induction kit fitted. I am also awaiting the HKS SBV to arrive at Ralliart to get fitted. I asked about the warranty issue and was assured that as my car had a Ralliart UK warranty and not a CCC one, any mods bought from Ralliart UK and fitted by Ralliart UK would not affect my warranty at all. Don't know how this applies to other models though.
The guys were really helpful in planning an upgrade path for my EVO, recommending a mixture of their own Ralliart UK parts and HKS parts that would be best for my car.

Michael K 04-09-2001 10:52

Re:Ralliart UK Reply
Ralliart weren't to friendly to me either when I asked about buying a 6 GSR from them. The lady on the phone was arrogant and unfriendly to say the least and when I asked whether there was any possibility to get a discount of the then list price of 31k all she said was that there is no way. So I went and bought a grey import and tuned it with the money I had left over (and a little bit more). Anyway, if anyone wants to seriously tune the car there's not much point in getting a Ralliart car with warranty, cause it won't cover anything as soon as you overstep their limit (stage 1, what a name), which I've done. In retrospect I'm very happy that I got a grey, cause the price difference transformed into tuning has given me a lot more joy than a standard Evo.

SiKo 04-09-2001 11:44

Re:Ralliart UK Reply
Screemin are you serious? If that's true I'm gonna loose my rag with someone.

screemin 04-09-2001 12:02

Re:Ralliart UK Reply

This is what I was told on Saturday by the service and the sales guy. I do not know if this only applies to the 7 GSR, or if Ralliart have just recently decided to take this stance to increase their after sales turnover. ? Maybe Dragon could clarify this ?

From the service I received on Saturday, I have no complaints about them. My insurance company wanted a letter from Ralliart stating the car was a UK version and not an import. This letter also confirmed the fitment of the Cat1 Alarm/Immobiliser and the 3 year warranty, and was given to me after the Induction Kit was fitted. Can't really ask for more !!!!!

SiKo 04-09-2001 12:10

Re:Ralliart UK Reply
Screemin I agree. I have no complaints against Ralliart except this one and after what you just told me the worst it's getting.

Simon7extreme 04-09-2001 21:42

Re:Ralliart UK Reply

I don't know for certainbut I suspect that when Ralliart did the warranty with CCC there were restrictions on mods laid down by CCC. Now that Ralliart have taken responsibilty for their own warranty, they seem perfectly happy to modify cars they have supplied and warranteed. For my money that can only be good for customers in the future although I can see that people unable to modify their cars being a bit p***ed off.

What I don't understand is why people expect Ralliart to warranty a car and then allow you to do what you like. Take any other car, a BMW, Audi, etc...... if you do anything to them you invalidate the whole warranty. Why should Ralliart be different. And before other start saying that there are people who offer warrantees in grey cars, we have all seen what happens when it comes to major claims. I am sure that Ralliart don't see it as lost business but as avoiding warranty pay outs!!!!!

Dragon 04-09-2001 22:24

Re:Ralliart UK Reply

You are correct in that Evo 7's supplied by Ralliart UK have a warranty that is not affected by tuning mods done by ourselves.

Maybe I should try to clarify the warranty/tuning/track day issues that everyone passes backward and forward - so here goes!

With Evo VI's the warranty is, as you all know, administered by CCC. Ralliart UK have no voice in what gets replaced and whether warranties are considered voided through mods/motorsport/time outs etc.

All warranties, manufacturers or insurance based, work on the principal of a sum of money being set aside to cover warranty claims. How much to allocate is based on the best guess at the average cost for the warranty duration.

Originally, CCC were prepared to accept the Stage 1 kit provided it was fitted by ourselves or one of their dealers. At some point, this concession was withdrawn leading to the do floor mats invalidate my warranty scenario.

Ralliart UK's position was, and still is, that Stage 1 has not been the cause of any engine failures and in fact the work probably leads to longer engine life as a result of the bottom end work that is carried out.

The problem is that the nature of the cars and their owners (me included!), is that you soon get used to the additional power and the hunt starts for a bit more. By this time, most of the engine and transmission's safety margin has been used up and to achieve reliability, the costs escalate. To get more power, however, is easy - ramp up the boost!

We have seen cars running 2-bar boost with crude home mods - on standard pistons and standard fuelling!

Track days and motorsport have similar repercussions - cars are driven far harder on track days and again, we often see brake calipers turned almost black with sustained heat. We know that a standard clutch can run 30-40,000 miles but warranty replacements at 7,000 miles?

If CCC's experience is anything like ours, I am not surprised that they took this step.

In buying an Evo we all bought cars that look like Tommi's WRC car but if you drive it like him for 10,000 miles, don't expect CCC - or anyone else to pick up the bill!

So, rant over, what should the genuine, no track days, no mods owners do if their discs warp. I guess that honestly, you should budget for discs and pads every 15,000 miles or so - both are wearing items and have to be replaced, even on Vectras. If, however, you are on your third set in 6,000 miles then speak to CCC as I believe that this is what your warranty is there to cover.

The warranty on Ralliart UK Evo 7's is an attempt to be reasonable to both parties. We want to ensure that the customer has a good Ralliart experience but we are not about to pay for everyones motorsport.

Does that seem fair?

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