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Rampant 28-10-2018 08:50

Rampant's Evo VI progress thread
This is intended to be a long-term progress thread - with regular updates on all the work being performed on my recently acquired fresh Japanese import Evo VI GSR.

Car was purchased in mid-Oct 2018, with 141,000 km on the clock, unregistered, and for a fair price bearing in mind the condition of the paintwork - scruffy and oxidised - as you will see...

The car is totally standard at the moment, with even the original exhaust and catalytic converter still fitted. Only things that are non-standard are the gear knob, handbrake cover and Japanese double-DIN stereo. Oh, and the wheels, of course - 17 x 8" RAYS gram lights - in a very fetching gold colour. (When I say fetching, I really mean, being polite, that they don't particularly suit the car...)

Importantly, the underside is in very solid condition with what small amount of rust being isolated to small areas of surface rust only - the sills and chassis rails are in pristine condition. Lovely and straight and tight. This is the only bit that *really* mattered when looking at cars. Everything else can be fixed. Except rot.

Mechanically, the car appears to be sound, drives well and pulls well for a 19 year old. :mhihi: :blush:

I had the import dealer service the car prior to delivery with fresh oil and filters and also, because there was no record of a cambelt change they also performed a full cambelt service at my request. Turns out that the oil was already fresh and that a cambelt change had already been recently performed.

This is a typical Japanese approach to looking after a car - all the mechanical bits are often very well maintained, while the bodywork isn't always a priority. I can tell that the car has been living in a hot, dry and sunny climate due to all the tell-tale signs like solid chassis, sun-bleached rear parcel shelf fabric, fading on the steering wheel leather, and the etching of the bonnet paint from washer jets - typically that strong direct sunlight is the catalyst that makes the water etch into the paint lacquer like acid.

The only thing remaining to service is the AYC - and that is already booked in the near future, along with a full mechanical inspection.

Finally, my plans for this car are quite simple. This is a third car that, perversely, will be used primarily in winter so I don't have to drive my silly RWD M3 Competition in the slippery, icy and snowy conditions that would make it a total liability.

The car will be a long-term project - to update and improve things that is typical of us Evo owner enthusiasts. Stage 1 is where I'm aiming, looking for a healthy 350bhp. I also plan on doing a few trackdays...

Rampant 28-10-2018 08:51

Delivery Condition
Delivery Condition

I already mentioned that the paintwork is rough. Here's why...

Oxidisation of paint on roof - typical of many areas of the car:

Boot lid oxidisation and layers of baked-on grime:

Bonnet oxidisation and acid etching from washer jet water:

Wiper arm and scuttle faded to white:

Raised pimples on the bumper top - typical of heat blistering in hot climate:

Perished door seals - typical from hot climate:

Typically worn seat bolsters:

Other interior:

Engine bay:

Worn heat-shield:

Scruffy heat-blanket, worn engine loom covers, typical cam cover oil seep:

Small battery and lovely condition of sills in engine bay :) :

Weather hasn't been good enough to get under the car to take photos of the condition of the underside yet... so I'll do those later.

So - a lot of work to be getting on with just on the exterior bodywork. But I think there's a bit of life left in the paintwork yet - underneath all the oxidisation. Some places definitely need a respray - front and rear bumper where there are lots of little raised pimples can't be restored by a machine polish - but since they're plastic and therefore won't rust or deteriorate further, I'm reconciled to having that a long term aim. Exterior condition is not an immediate priority, otherwise I just wouldn't have invested in this particular car :mhihi: but I have to say that the bodywork doesn't really bother me all that much - for a 19 year old car that clearly hasn't had much superficial love - it's OK for now.

Rampant 28-10-2018 08:52

A bit of shopping
Initial purchases

Before getting much hands-on with the car, I've already invested in a few bits and pieces:

Spark plugs - no idea when they were last changed, so this is a no-brainer.

Speedo converter

Second hand Russ Fellows exhaust - thanks to topgun off here :smthumbup
Induction kit from Ross Sport - MAF adapter and K&N
Silenced cat pipe - M2 from Ross Sport ebay store (cheaper than their website even with MLR18!)

Clear side repeaters

New 17 x 8" wheels to replace the marmite gold RAYS

Sony single-DIN blue-tooth stereo unit and ISO wiring harness

Since the Brembo calipers have already been re-painted by the import dealer - to an acceptable, if average standard...
Brembo decals and also a key-ring for Rampant

All of this is with a very keen eye on not over-spending the limited budget we have - remembering that this is a 3rd family car. I could've lived with the wheels for now, but Mrs Rampant insisted that they needed to be changed and I can't say I mind or disagree spending a little on new wheels, LOL. Maybe keep the RAYS for track-days, or maybe even sell them?


Rampant 28-10-2018 08:52

First bits and bobs
I've already started with a bit of compound polish - by hand - in the cold garage yesterday evening - and the paint is responding reasonably well, so I'm confident that a machine polish will remove most of the ROUGHNESS - honestly, you can feel it's like sandpaper - and perhaps bring at least a little bit of life and depth back into it.

I also did a bit of cleaning on the cam cover, just to see how it responded and the results are reasonable

Much more will follow later today :blah:

MikeC 28-10-2018 09:07

Like these types of threads. :smthumbup

squeakyclean32 28-10-2018 09:29

Love following these threads :coolsm:... This could be a stunning car... Lots of superficial bits need replacing, the paint should come up well after polishing/sealing.
The engine bay more importantly is very very clean, I can't see rust from the photos in the usual places you'd find it which is a really good indication to the general condition of the body work :smthumbup:smthumbup

Looks like a good fun project there plus all the signs of a rather nice/fun Evo at the end of it :smthumbup:D

PS, a couple of pics of your M3 would be nice ...

Mita 28-10-2018 10:50

Looking great Mark, nice one. So you’re going for winter usage!!fair play to you, what measures will you be taking to avoid the rot? I see you’ve clear sealed, are you doing box sections? Looking forward to updates

Rampant 29-10-2018 07:11

A little progress
The cold and the rain kept progress slow yesterday, but a couple of things got a bit of attention.

The Carrozzerio is out leaving a hole in the dash to fill with a new stereo:

A bit of compound polishing by hand on part of the roof shows that there is a bit of life in the paintwork yet.


During - work in progress:

I'm unsure whether I pay somebody to machine polish it or invest in a machine polisher myself.

I'm open to advice on which and advice on a *cheap* polishing kit if the DIY option is the one to go for???

I also discovered that the RAYS gam lights are 17 x 8.5" - wider than I originally thought:

Shame that the only bit of caliper paint that was spilled happened to be on one of the original RAYS stickers...

The rubbish front mudflaps are coming off when I get the wheel off to do the brembo logo on the caliper:

Where the M3 is sitting is where I'm tentatively planning on building a car port...

A bit more to come...

Rampant 29-10-2018 07:38

Underside condition :)
It's pretty clear that the car has been living in a hot, sunny and dry climate for the past 19 years, as evidenced by a few tell-tale signs such as heavily faded rear seat headrest fabrics:

Notice I have no rear speakers, either, but that's an easy and relatively inexpensive addition...

Check out the melted plastic insert in the silly gear shift knob as evidence of hot climate:

Come to think of it - the hot climate may also have been part responsible for the melted plastic conduit in the engine bay and the deterioration of the heat blanket?

Underside pictures as promised, detailing the total lack of wear on things like the filler neck stone-guard and fuel tank stone-guard...

With a chassis like this - you can probably see why I'm not too bothered about the cosmetic condition of the paintwork? I can work on the paintwork and body in slow time :thumbup:
Things like the headlamps - that are brown and faded - I'll wet sand and polish them out and apply a coat of lacquer whenever I get a decent chance...

I also could do with some advice on covering the PIAA spot lamps. Maybe a clear sheet of Perspex cut to size would offer good protection from stone-cracks destroying the lamps???

Until next time...

rich86 29-10-2018 23:46

Nice little project, looks like it's in good hands.

Always had a soft spot for icelle blue 6's ever since looking at this thread (almost 10 years ago!):

They look great on a nice sunny day, the colour really suits the car.

will2 30-10-2018 11:29

Ah sure didnít I know it would be inevitable thee would need a fix /hit of Mitsifever yet again ;)
Nice VI to use as a base for light modding ...enjoy :smthumbup

Rampant 30-10-2018 20:51

small jobs and deliveries
Got to start somewhere I suppose, so after I gave the coil cover a clean and realised that the oil stain was deeply ingrained in the plastic I decided to clean it with paint thinners and then renovate using GTechniq C4 - a truly astonishing *permanent* plastic restoration product...

Before the C4 - faded white surface on plastic:


A few deliveries began arriving today. Cat pipe, spark plugs, stereo harness and speedo converter

It'll be time to start getting things fitted soon - at the weekend if not before :naughty:

MikeC 30-10-2018 20:55

GTechniq plastic restorer is the biz. When I resprayed my V, the gutter trims, windows surrounds and wing mirror frames were faded white, this stuff made them come up like new! Isn’t cheap, but is the best.

Rampant 30-10-2018 21:11


Originally Posted by MikeC (Post 6138331)
GTechniq plastic restorer is the biz. When I resprayed my V, the gutter trims, windows surrounds and wing mirror frames were faded white, this stuff made them come up like new! Isnít cheap, but is the best.

The scuttle is the worst bit of trim on mine - will be getting the C4 treatment for sure.

I also have a machine polish detox treatment booked for next Monday. Not expecting miracles, but a small amount of paint surface improvement will be of great benefit :smthumbup

Slŗinte Mhath

Mark H

willox 30-10-2018 21:51

Fine winter jobbie,looks very fresh underneath.that will come up well with some tlc.did you get sorted with a stereo pocket? Got one if you want.

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