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No_Evo 11-11-2012 15:35

SOLD - On its way to Germany

Revised price :smthumbup

After 5 years of ownership and owning from new, I am considering selling my pride and joy. I’ve had my ups and downs with this car, but in its current form, it’s been the best it’s EVER been. Not a single penny has been sparred on this car. Just ask the likes of Mat @ MG Autos / Gary @ APT / Ross @ Ross Sport.

The car in its standard form was an Evo IX FQ360 MR By HKS in Gunmetal Grey, however, over the years has been heavily modified.

The spec list is massive, so i am likely to add to this as time passes.

Engine Specification:

• 2.3 Stroker built by Gary @ APT
• 100mm Billet Crank
• Steel I-Beam Rods
• ARP 625 Bolt Upgrade
• Wiesco HD Pistons
• Mild Head Port
• ARP L19 Head studs
• Fluidamper Harmonic Damper
• Jun 272 Camshafts
• HKS Adjustable Exhaust Pulley
• HKS Cambelt
• Balancer Shaft Delete Kit
• Ross Sport Turbo Kit
• 35GTX Turbocharger
• 46mm Precision Turbo External Wastegate
• Apexi Boost Solenoid
• Tial BOV
• Ross Sport Intercooler Piping
• AMS Oil Cooler Kit
• AMS Front Mount Intercooler
• Mishimoto Radiator + Large Slimline Fan
• Spoolin COPs
• NGK Heat Range 8 Race Plugs
• Miltek Exhaust
• K&N Large Filter
• Magnus Intake Manifold
• Boomba Throttle Body

This engine has currently around 5000 miles on it. The first 2000 of which were the running in miles. The total mileage of the car is just a shade under 35,000 miles, but will likely increase as i am using it every other day. The engine starts up first time, idles at 1000rpm and runs perfectly. I’ve been through a few engines, and as has been said, this is one solid engine. It never missed a beat pull after pull on the Dyno and still drives home immaculately.

In its current state the car makes anything between 500BHP to 700BHP depending on boost, which is adjustable via a Motec Rotary Switch.


The car has been mapped by Dave Rowe. The car has seen a few turbo / housing combinations, but in the end we decided on a 35GTX with the 0.82 Tial Housing.

• Motec M800
• Motec Cam Control Module
• Motec Anti-Knock Module
• Motec Anti-Lag Module
• Motec Adjustable Rotary Switch
• Zeitronix Display for AFR / Lambda / Boost


• 5 Speed Medium RS Box with 4.11 Final Drive
• RS Rear Differential
• Exedy Triple Plate Clutch + Flywheel Combo
• Braided Clutch Lines


By far the best modification i have done. This suspension inspires so much confident to the point you can get ****y pushing it into a corner. Coupled with the RS Diff and the below Wheel/Tyre setup, your almost untouchable (if you know how to drive).

• Nitron 3-Way Adjustable Suspension
• Perrin Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar
• Neverneverman Strut Covers


Again this brake setup inspires confidence. The brake pads are spot on for road use too. Little dust, no squeal and work excellent from cold.

• K-Sport 356mm 8 Pot Fronts
• K-Sport 330mm 6 Pot Rears
• EBC BlueStuff Brake Pads

Fuel System:

• OEM In-Tank Pump
• Bosch 044 Motorsport External Pump
• Aeromotive Fuel Filters
• Aeromotive Fuel Rail
• Bosch 1000cc Injectors

Wheels / Tyres:

• Advan RS 18 x 9
• Michelin Pilot Sports (245/40/18)


Professional Install done by Platinum-In Car in Coventry. Again went through a few setups, and this one is by far the best sounding and aesthetically pleasing.

• Pioneer Double Din Screen
• Phoenix Gold Front Speakers
• 12” Fi Subwoofer in Infinite Baffle
• Hertz HDP4 Digital Amplifier
• Fully Flocked Dash


The bodywork is in excellent condition. Currently a few minor scratches here and there, however, the car is booked in for a detail and all these minor blemishes will be resolved.


If i get my asking price i am willing to throw in the following:

• Carbotech XP10 Brake Pads – Still 50% life left in them
• Spare RS Gearbox (160MPH ~ Top Speed)
• 0.63 Tial Housing
• NGK Heat Range 9 Race Plugs
• Racelogic GPS Performance Box

As has been said, the car needs nothing done to it. It has a long MOT and Tax. The car is religiously serviced between 2000-3000 miles without fail, only using OEM filters and Motul Oil. The last change also saw all the diff oil changed and gearbox oil.

All receipts, documentation is available on request.

Pictures shall be added shortly, once the detail is complete.

Any viewing welcome, i am based just outside of Coventry, however all viewing will be done at a colleagues garage.

You'd be hard pushed to find a more complete car than this one. It has everything, comfort, nice sound system, excellent road manners, handling, braking, decent economy (dedicated fuel economy map) and the best bit - TOTAL BRUTALITY.

Test drives will be carried out by myself ONLY.

22,995 OVNO.

May consider something nice in part-ex, plus money my way, such as a BMW 335d or an Audi A5 3.0 TDI (DSG Box).

[email protected]

A12DY B 11-11-2012 17:14

Sounds amazing

staffi 11-11-2012 17:20

I know this car as it stayed near my old man's house in Coventry for a while, cracking looking car and great Spec...

BUMP for ya pal ;)

the kitch 11-11-2012 17:26

Great ad fella :smthumbup sounds an awesome evo
Glwts bud

D2 11-11-2012 20:24

Bargain price for the spec!!

mattam88 11-11-2012 22:21


No_Evo 11-11-2012 22:45

Pics will be uploaded AFTER the detail.

Believe me it will be immaculate. Better than showroom condition :smthumbup

qad 11-11-2012 23:52

Sounds the nuts glwts

evo6rs2-driver 12-11-2012 16:45

"Test drives will be carried out by myself ONLY."

but i got a baseball cap and a civic vtec-e...... i can handle that with ease:smthumbup

Nice car :)


Oracle 12-11-2012 21:30

Atleast do 30-130 before selling it mate... all that money spent...

get some pics up you lazy ....

Good Luck!

When you gonna put it against mine Hehehe

No_Evo 12-11-2012 23:17

Yes Oracle :-)

Pics will be up early next week i hope. Its in for a full detail.

Am in no rush whatsoever to sell it. If i have it come 30-130 i'll run it.

Though i do have my eyes on a nice GTR Black Edition :eek:


Originally Posted by Oracle (Post 4691767)
Atleast do 30-130 before selling it mate... all that money spent...

get some pics up you lazy ....

Good Luck!

When you gonna put it against mine Hehehe

ChrisUUC 12-11-2012 23:29

Great sounding car :) that's how to write a for sale advert

No_Evo 13-11-2012 17:22

Car booked in for a 3 day, inside out detail.

Will have pics up Sunday night / Monday midday.


staffi 13-11-2012 17:34


Originally Posted by No_Evo (Post 4692512)
Car booked in for a 3 day, inside out detail.

Will have pics up Sunday night / Monday midday.


That,s some detail matey, miss seeing/hearing it come down Dulverton mate..:cry:

No_Evo 13-11-2012 17:38


Originally Posted by PeteTME (Post 4692530)
That,s some detail matey, miss seeing/hearing it come down Dulverton mate..:cry:

I get it mate's rates. A friend of a friend has been doing it for a good few years now. Charges 125 a day. Based in Warwick so just around the corner.

Went to see some of his work this afternoon. Mainly does top exotic's, like Ferrari's, Lambo's, Bentley's, etc etc!

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