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the ginger 21-10-2013 22:47

my evo 7
evo 7...
the spec was kinda of unknown but from what i know it had a
rsr cat back
de cat
rs turbo
intercooler pipes
blitz dump valve
and some sort of springs

i bought the car with a hub bearing gone so replaced it with a new one

i then decided to tackle the wheels...... as my funds were low i decided to paint them just to take the bad look of them

took the car for a good spin to really see what they are like

seems to be quick enough on the back roads

i was driving home when a conrod decided to for a leap out the front of the block so at the minute she is off the road but soon to return[/QUOTE]

will2 21-10-2013 22:51

You posted this already :D;):smthumbup

the ginger 21-10-2013 22:53


Originally Posted by will2 (Post 5085605)
You posted this already :D;):smthumbup

i didnt think the thread posted (sorry) :confused::confused::confused::confused:

McFall1984 21-10-2013 22:57

what a start to evo ownership

hope you get her back on the road pronto

the ginger 21-10-2013 22:59


Originally Posted by McFall1984 (Post 5085613)
what a start to evo ownership

hope you get her back on the road pronto

its nearly back ....... its taken 3months so far :frust::frust::frust: but it will be worth it

McFall1984 21-10-2013 23:21

thats the spirit

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