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R. 25-06-2015 23:55

Looking to get an evo fairly soon.
Hi there guys I'm new to the site and would like a bit of clarification on a few things. I am looking to purchase my first evo fairly soon. However I am in a predicament of what to go for...

I have been offered a evo vii rs2 which has really struck me because it's white (love white cars). This said, I have done research and have found a few different observations of them. Some people are saying rs is rs2 and some people are saying they are different cars. Along with this the differences are that I have found the AYC isn't on the rs2? Another thing I have read is that the rs2 should have a 17 digit vin number. Not only does the one I have been offered have AYC but again, the one I have been offered is only 11 digits.

These differences are worrying me slightly. Any help would be appreciated.

Would I be better off getting the rs2 vii running about 400bhp or a standard fq300 evo viii?

Thanks in advance

jdm4life 26-06-2015 00:25

Search and you shall find.

I think my ability to read is getting worse.

Rs2 17 digits
Gsr 11 digits

rs no ayc
rs2 has ayc

Aidy 26-06-2015 06:25

Think AYC was optional on the rs2 so some will have it and some won't. You really need to go on the VIN rather than the options.

R. 26-06-2015 08:21

Okay that's great help. So this is going to sound daft but is the whole 17 digit VIN and 11 digit VIN the truth? If this is the case it's being advertised to me wrong. Does anyone know for sure?

Sorry to be a pain guys but I dont want to buy my first one and it be a dud and everyone off the forum takes the mickey. I was on another forum beforehand and cannot be bothered with smart comments so i'm just trying to make the best choice first.

Thanks again.

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