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dnlbrds 05-06-2019 02:21

Evo 7 GT-A transmission fluid flush/change advise?
Just double checking before I buy anything. I'm planning on using AMSOIL specifically the signature series ATF fluid (ATFPK-EA), and I would need approximately 7.8 Liters to fill? Also looking to replacing my transmission fluid filter and gasket and could not find anything online, but I am under the impression that I could buy a EVO 8 or 9 one and it should still be good? if not, would anyone be able to link me where to buy online, preferably one that can ship to Canada

Babylon6 11-06-2019 21:40

Hi. You cannot change the transmission filter without taking the box entirely apart. Normally you just need a replacement drain plug washer, your ATF (Amsoil is great) and a bit of time.

7.8 is enough to do a simple change, ie dropping the fluid.

When you refill the ATF wrap a towel around the filler neck and as you add the fluid , stick a cloth over your funnel because it gurgles and spits ATF everywhere!

Post up if you find any metal crap stuck to you drain plug (its magnetised).

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