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VI_Shooter 14-06-2019 14:43

++ Simply Japanese 2019 - Beaulieu Sunday 28th July ++
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Southern Meet - Simply Japanese 2019 - Beaulieu Sunday 28th July

This should be a good one, and a new one for the MLR.

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Been promising to get this thread up for a while apologies for the delays guys and gals. :handsup:

There is a thread elswhere on the forum for this but need to get something sorted.

here is the current list of attendees confirmed and paid for for 2019:

1.) evo/nut*
2.) Evo3boy*
3.) Evo5Dad*
4.) squeakyclean32*
5.) VI_Shooter*
6.) ScottP*
7.) Trebor*
8.) TomCatGoad*
9.) the kitch*
10.) axyr1*
11.) besty*
12.) CrazyA64*
13.) Lemonnobby*
14.) Crabby21*
15.) sparkysevo*

(*stand pass emailed or printed from link OK)

Oliverash - can't attend 4 tickets available from him

I read on the other post definite interest from:

Dakarbug (TBC)

Post up ASAP if I need to add/remove anyone and once you have committed and bought tickets please ;)

To buy tickets now and get all the information go on the event organiser's website here:

Once we have at least 10 on the list (only add your name if you have bought please) we can ask the venue for a 'stand', failing that we can all meet up 'outside local' and then drive in together and park up together :smthumbup

The original 2018 thread is here:

please re-direct all 2019 forum posts to this thread :smthumbup



besty 14-06-2019 16:12

I’ll be there

VI_Shooter 14-06-2019 16:18


Originally Posted by besty (Post 6182269)
Iíll be there

Cheers saw your car at Tunerfest last week I think?

Add your name on the list then fella? Bring your mirror :mitsi::thumbup:

scottp 14-06-2019 18:17

All booked up defo going :smthumbup need to pull finger out now and put car back together :crackup::crackup:

Trebor 14-06-2019 18:45

ticket purchased, will be there :thumbup:

TomCatGoad 14-06-2019 18:47

I'm 100% in. Got my tickets already.

the kitch 16-06-2019 16:30

Just got my tickets so stick me down please Ian 👍

CrazyA64 17-06-2019 10:29

You may want to sit down before reading this Ian...

I'll be there! Just got to get through an MoT now :smthumbup

VI_Shooter 17-06-2019 20:43


Originally Posted by CrazyA64 (Post 6182723)
You may want to sit down before reading this Ian...

I'll be there! Just got to get through an MoT now :smthumbup

:mitsi:WOW, Just WOW :crackup:

axyr1 18-06-2019 15:57

I am in too Ian, just ordered tickets.

Anybody running up A35 from Devon area??

lemonnobby 22-06-2019 21:09

I'm coming just hope I can sort a hotel out.
And buy my tickets

VI_Shooter 23-06-2019 19:43


Originally Posted by lemonnobby (Post 6183617)
I'm coming just hope I can sort a hotel out.
And buy my tickets

Tickets are only a tenner - e tickets print yourself, easy.

There are loads of places to stay

you could even go for a cheap travelodge in Southampton at a push only 20mins drive. Have a look around Ower, Romsey or even Lyndhurst if you want to have a weekend in the New Forest itself. :handsup:

VI_Shooter 23-06-2019 19:45

Emailed the events team and let them know we now have at least 10 cars - enough for a stand. KEEP ON BOOKING UP. Maybe we can win the people's choice award. Also any other ROs coming, bring your display banners please :smthumbup

VI_Shooter 25-06-2019 19:24

Message from the events team at Beaulieu:


"Hi Ian,

I have booked your club in our system.

Please let us know if you if you have any changes to numbers.
We do require all changes to be made two weeks before the event. After this, club labels will be sent for you to circulate with the club members.

Kind Regards,

Nathaniel Harrop
Events Co-Ordinator"

oliverash 26-06-2019 06:07

Hi Ian
Just paid up for this event please could you add me to the list

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